Wild Edge Farm

Wild Edge Farm

Wild Edge Farm lies along the Elwha River, a resource that has for centuries fed the people of this area. We strive to connect Clallam County residents to a local food system through the produce, pork and beef that we offer. The diversity and strength of a food system are essential ingredients for health and well-being.

By managing grazing and leaving our farm’s edges wild and beautiful, our pastures maintain ecological diversity and build resilience. This allows us to offer grass-fed beef and pork that is hormone-free from animals that are raised with care. We work locally with Peninsula Harvest and Sunrise Meats to sell beef and pork shares, as well as quarter, half and whole animals. The organically raised produce from our market garden is nourished by this nutrient circle that leads to soil health and nutrient-dense flavor.

Our 20 week CSA runs from mid-June to early November. We supply meat and vegetables within Clallam County — at the Port Angeles and Sequim farmers’ markets, and to the Lower Elwha Food Pantry and the Port Angeles, Sequim and Makah Food Banks.

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