Hopscotch grows heirloom produce and crafts artisan pickles, relish, and preserves for CSA, farmers market, and local groceries in Port Townsend, WA. 

Hopscotch’s unique assortment of shelf-stable canned goods is crafted from farm-grown fruit, veggies & herbs – a “Farm to Jar” operation. Hopscotch uses human-scale, organic, and sustainable production methods in order to create a regenerative growing system that focuses on soil health, environmental health, and nutrient dense produce. 

By preserving the harvest during the abundance of the summer, Hopscotch can help you enjoy the essence of the Olympic Peninsula year-round. Think Beet Relish with Horseradish or Blueberry Preserves with Lemon + Thyme, distinctive fusions that you won’t find elsewhere.

As a very small farm, Hopscotch is able to operate with a personal connection to each and every veggie harvested or jar made. From the growing to the prepping to the canning, every product is made with the upmost care and love.

Hopscotch’s vision is to weave together agricultural traditions, the craft of canning, modern “locavorism,” and a sense of place in order to celebrate the abundance of the Olympic Peninsula.  

Learn More: www.hopscotchfarmpt.com

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