Chimacum Corner Farmstand

Chimacum Corner Farmstand is a rural full-service natural-foods grocery and nursery located in “downtown” Chimacum, where Jefferson County’s two historic agricultural valleys, Beaver and Center, converge.

The vibrant food scene here grows and produces a cornucopia of fantastic fruits and vegetables, grains, local meats, dairy, baked goods, preserves, deli items, ciders/beers/wines, ice cream, and more. The Corner grocery lovingly refers to this local fare as “FOOD FROM HERE,” and specializes in selling it along with a complete line of carefully curated organic staples, and house-made sandwiches, salads, & desserts.

The Corner’s nursery caters to organic gardeners searching local “clean” plants, seeds, and soil amendments. It specializes in perennials beneficial to pollinators, deer-resistant, cold-hardy, native, drought-tolerant, medicinal, dye-producing, and or shade-loving. Come spring, the nursery is a destination for its extensive assortment of certified organic veggie, flower, & herb starts from Midori and Red Dog farms.

Utterly unique and serving its community for ten years, look for Chimacum’s only 12-foot rooster, and you’ll know you’ve arrived! It’s open daily, 10-6 (COVID Priority shoppers only 10-11). And as if that’s not enough fun, on Sundays, 10-2 (Jun-Oct), the Chimacum Farmers Market occurs in the store’s parking lot.

Can’t wait to share with you the bounty!!!

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